Nan Province-Part 3-Bo Kluea Salt Mines

Clear your mind of what you might expect on hearing the term "Salt Mines"... and you will be intriqued and fascinated at Bo Kluea Salt Mines. This picturesque village is near the Laos border, far up a winding mountain, through a beautiful national park, and down the other side into the valley. Some say it's not worth the drive but perhaps they are about the destination and not the journey :)  Enjoy the "Image Adventure"!

Bo Klua Village Bo Klua Salt Mines Bo Klua Salt Mines Bo Klua Salt Mines

Every kind of salt product was available and all I could think of was how Spas in America would love to have this for their salt scrubs! Too bad I couldn't bring any back :)

Bo Kluea Salt Mines Bo Kluea Salt Mines


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