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Atomic City Idaho

Atomic CityAtomic City Idaho The great thing about small towns is that when you meet really get to know about them, their stories and their town. I feel fortunate to have met about 15% of the population of Atomic City, Idaho... which, depending on the day, is a population of about 26. I found myself in the Atomic City Bar & Store - the one (and only) local hangout which is a bar, and an everything-else shop. For those like me, willing to drive out to what seems like the middle of no-where, and curious enough to learn the story about this little town, you might get as lucky as I did. 

Atomic City Bar & ShopAtomic City Bar & Shop Atomic City Bar & ShopAtomic City Bar & Shop I met the owners Vicki and Blake; exchanged stories with Janese the Bartender / Barber / Musician; and learned a great deal from 2 gentlemen - one who worked at the world's first electricity generating nuclear power plant; and the other who grew up there, happened to be visiting and whose family had originally built the Atomic City Raceway. So many stories were exchanged (and confirmed ... quite scandalous had to be there!) 

Atomic City Bar - Vicki & BlakeAtomic City Bar Owners

Local hangoutAtomic City Bar Atomic City Motor RacewayAtomic Motor Raceway As always, I left appreciative of other people's lives, the places I visit and the stories I hear. The more I travel, the more I am able to appreciate the depth of a place that some may judge as weird / creepy or strange, the same places which cause people to question why I seek out. I'll tell you why. I explore anywhere and everywhere. It is as important to me to visit a town of 26 as that of 5026. There are stories everywhere. History, loss, happiness, accidents, love and mostly passion. And there is judgement everywhere. It is too common for people to simply listen to other's expectations or social media's opinion or make a blanket statement, and for people to blindly follow, as opposed to wonder and question for themselves. My curious mind wants to see for myself, to understand the world through my own eyes and not from what seems like that childhood game we used to play - you know the one - "telephone" - where you whisper a sentence only to find the outcome is completely different from it's origin! 

Atomic City Motor RacewayAtomic City Motor Raceway Atomic City Motor RacewayAtomic City Motor Raceway

Balloon Festival-Springville Utah

Nothing happens "by chance" as I have come to learn on my adventure, although it may seem that I just "happened" to be in the area. Truth be told, I searched "balloon festivals" and found the site that led me there! (thank you true guide in life). I then continued heading "up" towards Montana, from Nevada, through Utah... sometimes meandering slowly and at other times bouncing around like a ping-pong ball, true to my free-spirited self (or what some may call ADHD!)

Springville Balloon FestivalWaiting on the Pilot's meeting update...

After checking in at the volunteer table with Sandy, now sporting my official T-shirt, I met Ashley who explained the process... we were waiting to hear the outcome of the Pilot's meeting. Her Pilot was currently in 1st place from the previous day's competition. Just as each day of my journey is flexible and not exactly planned out, so it is with the weather, and due to the high winds, the balloons were not able to take off. 

Balloon Festival SpringvilleBalloons come in all sizes! Instead, 4 Hot Air Balloons were tethered and spectators got to have mini experiences, until even those were cancelled. Safety first...always!

Following are a series of images from the Springville Balloon festival.

Hot Air Balloons - UtahSpringville Balloon Festival Hot Air Balloons - UtahSpringville Balloon Festival Hot Air Balloons - UtahSpringville Balloon Festival Hot Air Balloons - UtahSpringville Balloon Festival Hot Air Balloons - UtahSpringville Balloon Festival Hot Air Balloons - UtahSpringville Balloon Festival Hot Air Balloons - UtahSpringville Balloon Festival

The most wonderful part as always are the people, or new friends I meet. Thank you Ashley, Daren, Tim, Michelle, Baren, and Sandy for the experience, and for sharing who you are and what you love.

Life is full of choices...choose happy xo

Memorial Day

Faces of Freedom SculptureFaces of Freedom by Mark Greenaway I happened to be driving from Paso Robles to Morro Bay a few days ago as I passed this amazing sculpture. Talking to my GPS as if she could appreciate the need to be flexible, I explained why I was suddenly ignoring her and turning around to go check it out. A Veteran's Memorial on Memorial Day weekend... it was definitely meant to be! 

Faces of FreedomFaces of Freedom Faces of Freedom Veterans Memorial Faces of Freedom Veterans Memorial I spent some time appreciating the Faces of Freedom Veterans Memorial sculpture in Atascadero, CA; the wars fought; the lives lost; the sacrifices, courage, dedication and bravery of both the fallen and their families.

Faces of Freedom Veterans MemorialFaces of Freedom Veterans Memorial Faces of Freedom Veterans MemorialVeterans Memorial-Sacrifice Memorial Day is an American Holiday, on the last Monday of May. Yes, it's a long weekend, and yes, it unofficially marks the beginning of summer, however, it truly is a day to remember those men and women who died whilst in service for our country, and an opportunity to thank those who have served. 



VanLifePhotos continues North!

How often do you pass signs on the freeway and think "one day I want to stop there". Well, that's what I do now. No more rushing, no more "maybe one day". Today is the day and what amazes me are the experience I end up having and the people I end up meeting. 

I saw the “Fresh fruit” sign off the 5N freeway near the Grapevine. As usual, I took the nearest exit – Copus Rd – and went exploring. I didn’t need to go too far, as good signage and a bright purple barn led me right there.

Murray Family Farm

Murray Family FarmVanLifePhotos finds The Little Purple Barn Murray Family Farms was where I spent the next 30 minutes talking with a wonderful employee about the 2 farms, the other farm near Bakersfield is larger with more kids activities. They are a sustainable, organic farm. I learned about the variety of fruits and vegetables, honey, and nuts they grow, about the freshly baked pies, seasonal u-pick-it events and left with an assortment of citrus fruits that are not common in most supermarkets. I need to head back soon as it’s berry season!  

Murray Family FarmCitrus Extravaganza Murray Family FarmCitrus Extravaganza Murray Family FarmCitrus Extravaganza

Driving through the Grapevine

Last week I decided to drive North. I often prefer to pick a direction as opposed to a destination so as not to limit myself. If I say San Francisco then I’ll be inclined to get there by a certain time or day, and I like to wander! With a combination of websites and apps, I often have researched places I’m interested in seeing, however nothing beats driving, spontaneously seeing a sign or something of interest and pulling off to experience it.

VanLifePhotos driving through the GrapevineVanLifePhotos at Fort Tejon One such stop was “Fort Tejon", an Army outpost located in the Grapevine. Having spent 6 weeks last summer on the East Coast learning more American History than all the years I have lived in America, I was excited to see this in my "back yard", so to speak. I wonder how many times I drive past things without knowing of their existence? Well that is part of this new journey – to discover.

VanLifePhotos - California State ParksCalifornia State Parks

VanLifePhotos at Fort TejonFort Tejon CA Historical Park

Fort Tejon was established in 1854, and was abandoned 10 years later. The fort was established to protect stock rustling, and to protect both the Indians and White Settlers from raids by Indian groups in other regions. There are both original and restored barracks to wander through.

VanLifePhotos - Fort TejonBarracks at Fort Tejon

Although I wasn’t there to observe the living History demonstration, which occurs on the 1st Saturday of each month, I left with a deeper awareness of how life might have been during that period.

VanLifePhotos - Fort Tejon Army BarracksSoldiers Uniforms Fort Tejon 1854 VanLifePhotos - Fort Tejon Army BarracksSoldiers Uniforms Fort Tejon 1854 I will add it was unusually cold and I actually ran back to the van too late as my fingers and toes were already tingly numb and white (due to Raynauds). I was grateful as I turned on the heater, boiled the kettle, made a cup of tea, and reflected on life.

Vanlife is my Rainbow.

Nope, that is not a typo! Rainbows have always had a much deeper meaning for me. The way I see it, all colors are beautiful as they are – unique and different. Yet in order to create a rainbow, you need light…not darkness. Light to shine the way for those 7 main colors to come together and unite in order to create something so beautiful, with absolute inclusion and acceptance of each other, that everyone finds magic, beauty and awe in their joining. This is what we need to do, with ourselves and our communities. As is evident by the inside of my van…this is how I choose to live life, surrounded by rainbows!

My Rainbow VanInside my Rainbow Van A rainbow cannot exist if one color is left out – a color can neither be excluded nor choose not to participate. It cannot work that way as every color has to be involved! Each color is beautiful. Sure, many people have their favorites; and some colors are on opposite sides of the color wheel, yet each one has something special to offer and nothing can replace the beauty and magic created when these colors join together…imagine if that never happened.

My Rainbow Van InteriorMy Rainbow Van Interior

Be like a rainbow. This is what I do when I travel – I look for rainbows everywhere, and many times I create them! Shine the light – look for the beauty all around you. Share a rainbow story with me below…nothing makes me happier...and let me know if you guessed my van would have a rainbow interior :)

Rainbow Happy FaceThrow color down and smile.


Making the choice to live in a Van

My Happy Home in Malibu
When I first told my parents I was going to live in a van, I’m not sure there are words to describe the look on their faces. They always support my choices, even when they don’t agree with them and since they clearly were not sure how to react, I quickly clarified… “That is if I can afford it!” Well that really confused them so I googled class B vans, which btw I had spent the last year researching, and showed them I would be just fine! After all, even though their free-spirited, curious-minded, wandering unicorn wanted to travel across the country taking photos and spreading peace, love and kindness whilst living in a van, they would always want to make sure I’m safe and happy.

Peace-Love-Happiness...always!Wherever I go, that is what take with me.
You would think I’m “20-something” venturing out on my own for the first time. Not quite - I am almost 50, but I am as giddy as a kid in a candy store as I’m about to embark on the sequel to the book I call my life. It’s not just a chapter it’s a new beginning in a way.

Like so many others who choose vanlife, I get a barrage of questions which usually include ... “You’re doing this alone? (yes). Won’t you get lonely? (maybe). How do you know what to do? (I don’t). How long are you doing this for? (No idea). What are you running away from? (actually running towards).” And the list goes on. Of course, it’s followed up with either “Wow, you’re so brave I could never do that” or “I’m so jealous I wish I could do that!” Oh and let’s not forget “I can’t believe you gave up your life to do this!” Well, that’s hardly the case. I’m choosing my life.


So why and how vanlife? It came to me as I was driving through the Canadian Rockies. I felt so peaceful, calm and present. Every mile seemed more beautiful than the previous one, and I felt like driving forever in order to keep this feeling alive. It occurred to me life could be like this if I wanted it to – I just needed to make a choice. How badly did I want to continue feeling this way, free to explore the beauty around me? I think it was a rhetorical question! My decision was made!

Appreciating another beautiful day. I already acknowledged I didn’t fit into what society considered “normal” although as my son’s T-shirt says… define normal! I believe as with most of us, my journey started long ago, the difference I think is that I listened and acted on it. I spent years swimming against the current, teaching my children lessons that I had finally fully embraced, after all, what good would it be if I didn’t practice the path I set out to guide them on – living authentically. I no longer worried about what others thought of me, or feared making a “mistake”. Doubt didn’t creep into my mind attempting to conform me, nor did the desire to own what others have, convince me otherwise. I was happy for those who wanted a certain lifestyle and appreciative of the fact I knew what I wanted.


Change is rarely fast or easy. It is however liberating. I was choosing more which meant I needed less. I was ready for a more simple lifestyle. I wanted less clutter in my brain and my surroundings, less possessions, less chaos, less crowds, less distractions. I wanted more nature, more freedom, more authentic experiences, more time to live life.

DCIM/100MEDIA/DJI_0040.JPG I’m not exactly lacking for “luxury” in my van. The lifestyle I have chosen may very well be alternative to most but I certainly have everything I need. Water, electricity, a kitchen, a bathroom, a bed, a sofa, dining room table, TV, computer… it’s just living life on a much smaller scale… and of course, it’s about making major changes. It’s about my wants vs my needs and it’s personal. There is no right or wrong. It’s not good or bad and there is no judgment on anyone else for their choices. Just as there is no one way to live life, there are many options to living in a van, but no matter the changes I make, one thing is for sure – I’ll always be a rainbow unicorn!

I'll always be a Rainbow Unicorn!




Vanlife has been calling - I finally answered!

I’ve done it. Truth be told I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m a person who listens to my gut instinct and for almost 2 years in a very loud and clear way I have been listening and the time is finally here.

It has taken me up until now for most of the major pieces to fall into place. It’s not like life stops in order to complete the checklist, and I wasn't waiting until everything was checked off. Life doesn’t happen that way for anyone. So in between the rollercoaster of life, I scaled down my lifestyle, gave away most of my material possessions aka “stuff”, figured out my needs, researched RV’s and jumped into the deepend. I have never been camping. I have never owned an RV and I certainly had no idea about inverters, generators or any colored tank! I made the decision to do it, and never looked back to see if “doubt” was following me. I am a 1st-timer, full-timer, heading out solo (which doesn’t mean I’m single btw). I’m almost 50 and I could not be happier or more excited.

I’m under no illusions. Do I know what I’m doing? Well...very much so as far as the choice I have made, and at the same time absolutely no idea whatsoever about living in a van! Will it be challenging? That’s actually funny as I think living in Los Angeles can be challenging, and facing an illness is challenging, so I guess it’s all about perspective and what one sees as challenging. Will there be a learning curve? Oh heck yes, the amount of times I have already heard beeps and alarms and think eek now what…although to be honest, with ADHD, forget curve, everything I do in life is a zig-zag, so that’s to be expected. Will I have mixed emotions? Absolutely, but again, that happens in life anywhere and to everyone, and I have found wonderful support already. Am I scared? No.

I guess I’m the kind of person who doesn’t fear change or new opportunities; the kind of person who loves to learn and try new things; explore and understand the world around me. So thanks to Nanci and the wonderful team at Van City RV, and the amazing company Pleasure-Way Industries, I’m now the proud owner of a Plateau TS and have started my adventure! 

I hope you'll join me on my journey as I explore the country, share my photos and experiences, and learn about vanlife. It's called a lot of things - Class B Motorhome, RV, Camper Van, Conversion Van, Sprinter Van - and whereas I don't have a "formal" name yet, one thing is for sure, I call it Home!

Beverly Hills 5K Run Walk & Fitness Blast

Time flies! In just a few weeks, the first annual Beverly Hills 5K Run/Walk & Fitness Blast will take place. It starts and finishes in front of Beverly Hills City Hall which is where the Monday morning Walk with the Mayor gathers every week with BOLD determination, motivation and amazing orange energy with the goal of transforming Beverly Hills into America’s healthiest city #bhhealthycity. A more perfect day could not have been picked as this event takes place both on the birthday of the City of Beverly Hills as well as on the Anniversary of BHEF - Beverly Hills Education Foundation which has been chosen as this year's beneficiary.  BHEF is a non-profit organization that raises money to support all five of the Beverly Hills public schools.

Walk with the MayorMonday Morning gathering of Orange

Given that I'm a digital nomad and always on the move, means that I am rarely in one location for an extended period of time. I roam around spreading love, happiness and kindness, photographing, learning from other people's stories, and exploring the beauty of new places around me. I leave pieces of my heart in many places (don't worry, I have a big heart and I choose to leave them!). The community of Beverly Hills is one of those places. The leadership, inspiration and vision of Mayor Lili Bosse is quite exceptional and the support of the Special Ed division of the public school system while my son was in school is something I will always remember. I am grateful to have had the opportunity over the years to play my part as a member of the community through friendship and volunteering my photography

While I was in town working as part of Dion's All Season's Media Fitness Team, together with Bob Seagren’s Run Racing team we worked on making Dion's vision a reality. It was exciting being a part of the early stages of design, planning and BH City Council approval and I look forward to seeing what I have no doubt will be an amazing event! 

I never know where I will be from week to week, so no guarantees, but I hope to see you all out at the starting line Sunday January 28 at 7am or at the Fitness Blast after the 5K. Dion has amazing health and fitness experts coming to teach and inspire. Stay healthy! #bhhealthycity

Orange is the new healthy!Orange is the new healthy!

Join in as the course takes you through the beautiful bold city of Beverly Hills! How incredible to run if you choose... or walk or stroll through the streets and past these stores - only in Beverly Hills!

Thank you Lili for bringing together so many people, for motivating and inspiring and sharing your vision of health, happiness, kindness and compassion. You have a loyal following of BOLD inspired individuals. I hope you know how much you have impacted the lives of so many. You make a difference, thank you! xo

To sign up, click this link Beverly Hills 5K Run/Walk & Fitness Blast

To follow the facebook group, Click here

Laos - Part 2 - Instax photos for the kids in rural villages

Have you ever stopped to think what it might be like to see yourself in a photo for the 1st time?

5 years ago, I traveled to Cambodia and after visiting a few small villages, I learned the kids and their families had never seen photos of themselves and I decided the next time I visited South East Asia, I would change that. Fujifilm Instax made it happen! This trip, I started out in rural villages in Laos before heading back to Cambodia. You didn't have to be there to feel the emotions in these images. 

These faces!!!! The emotions. Happiness. Excitement. Wonder. It truly is priceless to see the reactions of the kids receiving photos of themselves for the first time. What an honor and a privilege. I know I left a piece of my heart in each village we visited and once again my life was changed by a simple act - spending time with happy children who appreciate what they have, are grateful for what they are given and show compassion and kindness to each other! If we could all learn from these kids the world would be a better place. This is my ideal job - doing what I love and loving what I do. I will soon be heading out in my van to travel America, so, being completely honest, if there are any companies or individuals who are looking to hire someone to join them to spread happiness to others, please reach out to me :) 

We were out in rural areas far from a city. Part jungle part mountains, all beautiful and I was taking photos on my iPhone, using the Instax Share App, connecting wirelessly to the Instax Share SP-2 mini printer and instantly printing out a photo for each child! We couldn't shoot and print fast enough as the kids kept running off to bring their siblings and friends ensuring everyone in the village received a photo. Technology is amazing, and something we take for granted. Thank you Fujifilm Instax North America for sending me all the film and mini printer to make that happen and bring such joy to these kids! It's my new "don't leave home without it" piece of equipment.

What does it mean to give? According to the dictionary ... 1.freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone)⠀
What about receive? ... given, presented with, or paid (something).

So essentially, when you receive! This could not have been more evident whilst photographing these kids. I honestly don't know who was really on the receiving end!