Keren Lynn Photography | Singapore Cloud Forest

Singapore Cloud Forest

When people talk about visiting Singapore, I generally hear "there isn't much to do there" and "you have to go to Marina Bay Sands!" What about the Cloud Forest? Why had I not heard about the incredible fusion of architecture and nature with a side of fantasy! This scene of the tallest indoor waterfall greets you as you first enter... and you spend the next few hours captivated and in awe of your surroundings.

Tallest indoor waterfall

There are several areas to explore including The Falls; The Cavern; Lost World; Cloud Walk; Crystal Mountain; Treetop Walk and the Secret Garden. We spent all afternoon and into the evening here and I plan on returning next month to explore the OCBC skyway and complete the beautiful gardens outside as certain areas were closed due to the weather. Tallest indoor waterfall

The details as you make your way up to the highest level - the Lost World, are both surreal and accurate as you explore the plant life found over a mile above sea level.

Make sure you experience the misting which occurs every 2 hours. Head to the upper most level and after the mist, make your way down.  To finish off the night we sat under the Grove of Supertrees in a gentle rain which seemed to follow us out of the Cloud Forest, to watch the vertical gardens come alive in the beautiful themed light and sound show. 


It sounds majestic.
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