Keren Lynn Photography | Nan Province - Part 1 - Ban Tai Lue Café Coffee Shop & Rice Fields

Nan Province - Part 1 - Ban Tai Lue Café Coffee Shop & Rice Fields

Most tourists who vacation in Thailand hit the major spots - Bangkok, Chiang Mai and the Islands. Suddenly the 10 days of vacation are over and the metered taxi is heading to the airport. However, if you choose to explore outside of those areas, know there are so many equally beautiful and less crowded areas to explore.

I am very fortunate to have a friend who lives in Nan Province show us around his hometown. (Thank you Dream!) The next few posts will continue my Image Adventures - I'm not big on words but rather prefer to show you through my photos :) First up is Ban Tai Lue Café in Pua, which for many is difficult to find but worth looking for as you'll see below.

  Harvested Rice Fields

The construction of the bamboo and wooden suspended bridges was fascinating and allowed for a completely different perspective. As beautiful as it was, we went after the rice had already been harvested so the rice fields were not the vibrant green one sees in images everywhere... I guess I'll have to go back! Harvested Rice Fields

The fabric hanging over the wooden railings in woven locally and sold in an attached store along with garments. After a photo worthy walk along the bridges, relax and attempt to order a coffee. Break out Google Translate, you'll need it in Nan.   Harvested Rice Fields Harvested Rice Fields


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