Keren Lynn Photography | Unicorn Cafe

Unicorn Cafe

I was in heaven when I heard about the Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok. I made sure to allow plenty of time to navigate my way around Bangkok on the BTS to find this  randomly located cafe. It's down a street that leads you to believe you're in the wrong place but keep going and you'll definitely see it! Now I'm not usually one who has expectations as it's the quickest way to disappointment, however, the thought of rainbows and unicorns...I mean...happiness! I have to be honest, the concept is amazing for us Unicorn lovers - food, merchandise, chairs and walls were pastel rainbows and unicorns! What would have been wonderful to see however, was service and energy that matched my enthusiasm for being there. I felt indifference as if nothing was needed because tourists would come based on the theme alone... oh and instagrammable images! Don't get me wrong - it's worth going to see and if you are going to order anything, make it the rainbow crepe cake!

Unicorn Cafe is located at Soi Sathorn 8 BTS Chong Nonsi 086 3979262.

As a piece of constructive feedback, it would be nice to see new stuffed animals / plush as the ones there looked well worn and no longer snuggly, and a smile with some positive interaction would go a long way from the staff working there.



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