Keren Lynn Photography | Beverly Hills 5K Run Walk & Fitness Blast

Beverly Hills 5K Run Walk & Fitness Blast

Time flies! In just a few weeks, the first annual Beverly Hills 5K Run/Walk & Fitness Blast will take place. It starts and finishes in front of Beverly Hills City Hall which is where the Monday morning Walk with the Mayor gathers every week with BOLD determination, motivation and amazing orange energy with the goal of transforming Beverly Hills into America’s healthiest city #bhhealthycity. A more perfect day could not have been picked as this event takes place both on the birthday of the City of Beverly Hills as well as on the Anniversary of BHEF - Beverly Hills Education Foundation which has been chosen as this year's beneficiary.  BHEF is a non-profit organization that raises money to support all five of the Beverly Hills public schools.

Walk with the MayorMonday Morning gathering of Orange

Given that I'm a digital nomad and always on the move, means that I am rarely in one location for an extended period of time. I roam around spreading love, happiness and kindness, photographing, learning from other people's stories, and exploring the beauty of new places around me. I leave pieces of my heart in many places (don't worry, I have a big heart and I choose to leave them!). The community of Beverly Hills is one of those places. The leadership, inspiration and vision of Mayor Lili Bosse is quite exceptional and the support of the Special Ed division of the public school system while my son was in school is something I will always remember. I am grateful to have had the opportunity over the years to play my part as a member of the community through friendship and volunteering my photography

While I was in town working as part of Dion's All Season's Media Fitness Team, together with Bob Seagren’s Run Racing team we worked on making Dion's vision a reality. It was exciting being a part of the early stages of design, planning and BH City Council approval and I look forward to seeing what I have no doubt will be an amazing event! 

I never know where I will be from week to week, so no guarantees, but I hope to see you all out at the starting line Sunday January 28 at 7am or at the Fitness Blast after the 5K. Dion has amazing health and fitness experts coming to teach and inspire. Stay healthy! #bhhealthycity

Orange is the new healthy!Orange is the new healthy!

Join in as the course takes you through the beautiful bold city of Beverly Hills! How incredible to run if you choose... or walk or stroll through the streets and past these stores - only in Beverly Hills!

Thank you Lili for bringing together so many people, for motivating and inspiring and sharing your vision of health, happiness, kindness and compassion. You have a loyal following of BOLD inspired individuals. I hope you know how much you have impacted the lives of so many. You make a difference, thank you! xo

To sign up, click this link Beverly Hills 5K Run/Walk & Fitness Blast

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Let me know when the next one is taking place. I’d like to run well walk. I ain’t runnin.
Miss your smiling lens.
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