Keren Lynn Photography | Laos - Part 2 - Instax photos for the kids in rural villages

Laos - Part 2 - Instax photos for the kids in rural villages

Have you ever stopped to think what it might be like to see yourself in a photo for the 1st time?

5 years ago, I traveled to Cambodia and after visiting a few small villages, I learned the kids and their families had never seen photos of themselves and I decided the next time I visited South East Asia, I would change that. Fujifilm Instax made it happen! This trip, I started out in rural villages in Laos before heading back to Cambodia. You didn't have to be there to feel the emotions in these images. 

These faces!!!! The emotions. Happiness. Excitement. Wonder. It truly is priceless to see the reactions of the kids receiving photos of themselves for the first time. What an honor and a privilege. I know I left a piece of my heart in each village we visited and once again my life was changed by a simple act - spending time with happy children who appreciate what they have, are grateful for what they are given and show compassion and kindness to each other! If we could all learn from these kids the world would be a better place. This is my ideal job - doing what I love and loving what I do. I will soon be heading out in my van to travel America, so, being completely honest, if there are any companies or individuals who are looking to hire someone to join them to spread happiness to others, please reach out to me :) 

We were out in rural areas far from a city. Part jungle part mountains, all beautiful and I was taking photos on my iPhone, using the Instax Share App, connecting wirelessly to the Instax Share SP-2 mini printer and instantly printing out a photo for each child! We couldn't shoot and print fast enough as the kids kept running off to bring their siblings and friends ensuring everyone in the village received a photo. Technology is amazing, and something we take for granted. Thank you Fujifilm Instax North America for sending me all the film and mini printer to make that happen and bring such joy to these kids! It's my new "don't leave home without it" piece of equipment.

What does it mean to give? According to the dictionary ... 1.freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone)⠀
What about receive? ... given, presented with, or paid (something).

So essentially, when you receive! This could not have been more evident whilst photographing these kids. I honestly don't know who was really on the receiving end! 



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