Keren Lynn Photography | Life in Luang Prabang

Life in Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang was a bit of a shock to my senses. We had just spent a week in Nan Province where Steven and I were the only western tourists, and other than our friend Dream, about the only people who spoke English. Although tourists from other areas of Thailand visited, the city was geared towards locals. What we found in Luang Prabang was polar opposite. The city was set up specifically for tourists, and sadly, a little like a set at Universal. It's not good or bad, just different. It was not however what either of us were looking to learn about the culture of Laos. Knowing what you want to experience on a trip and learning your travel style are so necessary and probably the 2 most important things I was hoping for Steven to figure out on our travels. Scroll down or "stroll through" my Image Adventure of a "Life in Luang Prabang" before I take you exploring the rural villages of Laos and possibly the highlight of the trip!


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