Keren Lynn Photography | Vanlife has been calling - I finally answered!

Vanlife has been calling - I finally answered!

I’ve done it. Truth be told I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m a person who listens to my gut instinct and for almost 2 years in a very loud and clear way I have been listening and the time is finally here.

It has taken me up until now for most of the major pieces to fall into place. It’s not like life stops in order to complete the checklist, and I wasn't waiting until everything was checked off. Life doesn’t happen that way for anyone. So in between the rollercoaster of life, I scaled down my lifestyle, gave away most of my material possessions aka “stuff”, figured out my needs, researched RV’s and jumped into the deepend. I have never been camping. I have never owned an RV and I certainly had no idea about inverters, generators or any colored tank! I made the decision to do it, and never looked back to see if “doubt” was following me. I am a 1st-timer, full-timer, heading out solo (which doesn’t mean I’m single btw). I’m almost 50 and I could not be happier or more excited.

I’m under no illusions. Do I know what I’m doing? Well...very much so as far as the choice I have made, and at the same time absolutely no idea whatsoever about living in a van! Will it be challenging? That’s actually funny as I think living in Los Angeles can be challenging, and facing an illness is challenging, so I guess it’s all about perspective and what one sees as challenging. Will there be a learning curve? Oh heck yes, the amount of times I have already heard beeps and alarms and think eek now what…although to be honest, with ADHD, forget curve, everything I do in life is a zig-zag, so that’s to be expected. Will I have mixed emotions? Absolutely, but again, that happens in life anywhere and to everyone, and I have found wonderful support already. Am I scared? No.

I guess I’m the kind of person who doesn’t fear change or new opportunities; the kind of person who loves to learn and try new things; explore and understand the world around me. So thanks to Nanci and the wonderful team at Van City RV, and the amazing company Pleasure-Way Industries, I’m now the proud owner of a Plateau TS and have started my adventure! 

I hope you'll join me on my journey as I explore the country, share my photos and experiences, and learn about vanlife. It's called a lot of things - Class B Motorhome, RV, Camper Van, Conversion Van, Sprinter Van - and whereas I don't have a "formal" name yet, one thing is for sure, I call it Home!


I’m glad you found your new home. Sharp as shit too. Can’t wait to see it.
Tammi Forman(non-registered)
Looking forward to reading more about your adventures.
Natalie Fainsod(non-registered)
I’m coming along for the ride!!
Steele Sacks(non-registered)
Joseph Plante(non-registered)
I will be following your every step of the way. Always waiting with the excitement of a new puppy to see the next beautiful photographs you take as you travel on through your next journey in this crazy cycle of events we call life.
God speed
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