Keren Lynn Photography | Vanlife is my Rainbow.

Vanlife is my Rainbow.

Nope, that is not a typo! Rainbows have always had a much deeper meaning for me. The way I see it, all colors are beautiful as they are – unique and different. Yet in order to create a rainbow, you need light…not darkness. Light to shine the way for those 7 main colors to come together and unite in order to create something so beautiful, with absolute inclusion and acceptance of each other, that everyone finds magic, beauty and awe in their joining. This is what we need to do, with ourselves and our communities. As is evident by the inside of my van…this is how I choose to live life, surrounded by rainbows!

My Rainbow VanInside my Rainbow Van A rainbow cannot exist if one color is left out – a color can neither be excluded nor choose not to participate. It cannot work that way as every color has to be involved! Each color is beautiful. Sure, many people have their favorites; and some colors are on opposite sides of the color wheel, yet each one has something special to offer and nothing can replace the beauty and magic created when these colors join together…imagine if that never happened.

My Rainbow Van InteriorMy Rainbow Van Interior

Be like a rainbow. This is what I do when I travel – I look for rainbows everywhere, and many times I create them! Shine the light – look for the beauty all around you. Share a rainbow story with me below…nothing makes me happier...and let me know if you guessed my van would have a rainbow interior :)

Rainbow Happy FaceThrow color down and smile.



Every time I see a rainbow, I see you so I knew that you were surrounded by colors and beautiful rainbows. No doubt in my mind. The interior designer in you just explodes wherever you are. I do have a rainbow someplace in my photos because I snap them every chance I get but don’t know how to share them with you. I love the part about it not being a rainbow if one color is excluded.
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