Keren Lynn Photography | Driving through the Grapevine

Driving through the Grapevine

Last week I decided to drive North. I often prefer to pick a direction as opposed to a destination so as not to limit myself. If I say San Francisco then I’ll be inclined to get there by a certain time or day, and I like to wander! With a combination of websites and apps, I often have researched places I’m interested in seeing, however nothing beats driving, spontaneously seeing a sign or something of interest and pulling off to experience it.

VanLifePhotos driving through the GrapevineVanLifePhotos at Fort Tejon One such stop was “Fort Tejon", an Army outpost located in the Grapevine. Having spent 6 weeks last summer on the East Coast learning more American History than all the years I have lived in America, I was excited to see this in my "back yard", so to speak. I wonder how many times I drive past things without knowing of their existence? Well that is part of this new journey – to discover.

VanLifePhotos - California State ParksCalifornia State Parks

VanLifePhotos at Fort TejonFort Tejon CA Historical Park

Fort Tejon was established in 1854, and was abandoned 10 years later. The fort was established to protect stock rustling, and to protect both the Indians and White Settlers from raids by Indian groups in other regions. There are both original and restored barracks to wander through.

VanLifePhotos - Fort TejonBarracks at Fort Tejon

Although I wasn’t there to observe the living History demonstration, which occurs on the 1st Saturday of each month, I left with a deeper awareness of how life might have been during that period.

VanLifePhotos - Fort Tejon Army BarracksSoldiers Uniforms Fort Tejon 1854 VanLifePhotos - Fort Tejon Army BarracksSoldiers Uniforms Fort Tejon 1854 I will add it was unusually cold and I actually ran back to the van too late as my fingers and toes were already tingly numb and white (due to Raynauds). I was grateful as I turned on the heater, boiled the kettle, made a cup of tea, and reflected on life.


Oh my God. I love your life. What a way to be joyful and at peace. I love the history lesson. I’m overjoyed and kinda jealous at the same time.
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