Keren Lynn Photography | VanLifePhotos continues North!

VanLifePhotos continues North!

How often do you pass signs on the freeway and think "one day I want to stop there". Well, that's what I do now. No more rushing, no more "maybe one day". Today is the day and what amazes me are the experience I end up having and the people I end up meeting. 

I saw the “Fresh fruit” sign off the 5N freeway near the Grapevine. As usual, I took the nearest exit – Copus Rd – and went exploring. I didn’t need to go too far, as good signage and a bright purple barn led me right there.

Murray Family Farm

Murray Family FarmVanLifePhotos finds The Little Purple Barn Murray Family Farms was where I spent the next 30 minutes talking with a wonderful employee about the 2 farms, the other farm near Bakersfield is larger with more kids activities. They are a sustainable, organic farm. I learned about the variety of fruits and vegetables, honey, and nuts they grow, about the freshly baked pies, seasonal u-pick-it events and left with an assortment of citrus fruits that are not common in most supermarkets. I need to head back soon as it’s berry season!  

Murray Family FarmCitrus Extravaganza Murray Family FarmCitrus Extravaganza Murray Family FarmCitrus Extravaganza


I want to go there. I love farm fresh foods. Did they also have purple hull peas? I love those. I can only find them in Louisiana.
Hey you. So hit the open road I see. Call me. School is out soon and I need to hit it too.
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