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Atomic City Idaho

Atomic CityAtomic City Idaho The great thing about small towns is that when you meet really get to know about them, their stories and their town. I feel fortunate to have met about 15% of the population of Atomic City, Idaho... which, depending on the day, is a population of about 26. I found myself in the Atomic City Bar & Store - the one (and only) local hangout which is a bar, and an everything-else shop. For those like me, willing to drive out to what seems like the middle of no-where, and curious enough to learn the story about this little town, you might get as lucky as I did. 

Atomic City Bar & ShopAtomic City Bar & Shop Atomic City Bar & ShopAtomic City Bar & Shop I met the owners Vicki and Blake; exchanged stories with Janese the Bartender / Barber / Musician; and learned a great deal from 2 gentlemen - one who worked at the world's first electricity generating nuclear power plant; and the other who grew up there, happened to be visiting and whose family had originally built the Atomic City Raceway. So many stories were exchanged (and confirmed ... quite scandalous had to be there!) 

Atomic City Bar - Vicki & BlakeAtomic City Bar Owners

Local hangoutAtomic City Bar Atomic City Motor RacewayAtomic Motor Raceway As always, I left appreciative of other people's lives, the places I visit and the stories I hear. The more I travel, the more I am able to appreciate the depth of a place that some may judge as weird / creepy or strange, the same places which cause people to question why I seek out. I'll tell you why. I explore anywhere and everywhere. It is as important to me to visit a town of 26 as that of 5026. There are stories everywhere. History, loss, happiness, accidents, love and mostly passion. And there is judgement everywhere. It is too common for people to simply listen to other's expectations or social media's opinion or make a blanket statement, and for people to blindly follow, as opposed to wonder and question for themselves. My curious mind wants to see for myself, to understand the world through my own eyes and not from what seems like that childhood game we used to play - you know the one - "telephone" - where you whisper a sentence only to find the outcome is completely different from it's origin! 

Atomic City Motor RacewayAtomic City Motor Raceway Atomic City Motor RacewayAtomic City Motor Raceway


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